Elena Hecht Designs
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Our Brand

Since 2007, Elena Hecht Designs has done more than refine an old tradition: We've started a new one. Guided by an international design, we fuse unique jewelry-making techniques from around the world to create interesting, one of a kind statement pieces. Elena Hecht Designs makes everything in small batches from our home in N.J. To achieve optimal satisfaction, our products are one of a kind and can be custom-ordered, making every piece worth your patience.

Our Product

In 2007, Elena started EH Designs, making her jewelry from semi-precious stones, pearls, and crystals. Every component was handpicked to ensure the uniqueness of the overall design and many were brought back from her travels abroad.  All her materials are sterling silver and 14k gold filled. In addition, she also has a fine jewelry collection. Her work encompasses many different types of designs thus ensuring there is something for everyone and in many price ranges to choose from.



"We Want Our Customers to Feel Comfortable Wearing Our Designs with Jeans or that Little Black Dress"

— Elena Hecht






Our Story

Designer Elena Hecht is a self taught jewelry artist. Born in Greece and raised in New York, she had two worlds from which to draw her inspiration. Her love for jewelry was forged at a young age while spending time with her grandmother and aunt who passed along their love of jewelry to her. While growing up she immersed herself in other creative pursuits such as knitting, crocheting, needlepoint and quilting, but one day all those lessons learned years before suddenly came into play.